About the CER

The CER was founded in 2002 as a response to a general lack of affection for the Clubman Estate from many within the Mini scene. Within the first year we received over 100 registrations and on the whole have received a similar rate each year. There is no longer a lack of affection for Clubman Estates; they are desirable models of Mini and we aim to keep it that way!

To encourage interest in the marque, we try to attend as many Mini shows as we can and have even hosted our own charity event, the Thong Run. Registration and interaction with us is easy as this can be done online via our discussion forum.

Periodically a news email is sent to all who have registered their cars – this is not on a regular basis but when there is something interesting to say – there may be events coming up for example. If you think that you should be receiving these emails, simply register your CE (or re-register; it may be that your email address has changed).


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